Welcome to the year of 2017! Could this be the Year of Our Lord? Many people have made New Years resolutions - "They're going to do things different, turn things around in their life, quit smoking, lose weight, spend more time with their families, be a better person etc, etc! How about you? What is your greatest desire for this year? We as the Church, God's people know that our time is swiftly running out. By looking around us and hearing and seeing the news we are certain these are the closing moments that Jesus and the New Testament writers warned us would come! The flood gates of Hell have opened up on our society. Every unclean, fowl, rebellious and hateful spirit is being manifested through human beings. There are wars and fighting on every continent and in most homes. We have never witnessed such divisions before. Satan and his hordes are busy at work. Children, this is the final hour - it's a spiritual battle going on in the heavenlies. It's the forces of evil against God and good. It's light against darkness. It is time to prepare, get ready and watch for the Lord to return. His coming is any day now. Watch and pray lest He finds you asleep, naked and unclothed. We must have on the wedding  garments and have them washed in the Blood of the Lamb! Let's search ourselves to see if we are in the Faith. Are we looking for and longing for Jesus? It's time to check our vessels! Make sure we have God's Holy  Oil and have our lamps trimmed and burning bright! I really believe this will be a year of great major changes! Let this be your prayer and inward cry - "Lord Jesus Come Quickly!!!

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John 3:16 - For God so Loved the World

that He gave His only Begotten Son!

Jesus died for You!

He left Heaven, came to Earth and died on the Cross

to be your Savior. He paid for all your Sins

so you could be Saved! Ask Him now to forgive you

and come into your Heart and He will give you


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